This is our Home page, where we will put together the ‘14 rooms’ of a home…to educate… to inspire… to serve. We open up our home to you. We hope it will be your home as well…your treasure chest of ideas where you can become a creative educator, historical detective, artistic servant, book lover and, in all ways, curious.
— Amanda Murray


Cathy Duffy Review
Cathy Duffy, best known as a curriculum specialist, has reviewed our flagship curriculum - “Why Shakespeare? Indeed!: An Enrichment Study for the Hungry Mind". We are very grateful for Ms. Duffy’s well-considered and thorough review, and her many very helpful comments for her readers.

Enjoy reading Ms. Duffy's review on her website at this link


Consider the choices you make in your life.

What choices will you make today? How do you choose? Don't you just wish it was easier to make the right choice, to take the right path. Surely generations of people have faced the same dilemma, so why can't we just do as they did to solve the question before us? Or learn from their mistakes and do it differently! 

Consider Shakespeare

In our current initiatives in quality educational projects, we delved deeply into the world of William Shakespeare. We have, as surely as generations before us, found the plays and other writings of this supremely talented and insightful man to be full of inspiration for today's world. We dare to say there are few problems that exist today that are not represented in the pages of his writings.

Journey with us

Come with us to the SHAKESHOPS

A Mission of Change

14 Rooms is on a mission. We want to help pave the way for change. Each person is many things. We each fill many roles and carry with us responsibilities to ourselves and responsibilities to others whom our lives touch. 14 Rooms is created to respect some of the roles that we play. We are creative educators, historical detectives, artistic servants, book lovers and, in all ways, curious.

I am curious. Journey along with us! Learn with us! Explore with me... because

The more I give thee, the more I have, for both are infinite.
— W. Shakespeare

How Change Begins

It begins with desire. The heartfelt desire of a teacher to teach... the unquenchable desire of a mind to learn. 

A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.
— Margaret Mead - American anthropologist

Thus encouraged to seek change in our world, blessed with the heart of a teacher, we look forward to enhancing a greater availability of quality educational opportunities for the children and adults whose lives we touch.