"Shakespeare is for Everybody!"

Author Amanda Murray presents an entertaining and power-packed romp through the mind of the most brilliant writer in the English language. This book presents the "secrets" to understanding the plays and poetry of The Bard in ways that anyone can understand. Try this example on for size...

You speak Shakespeare every day... and I'll bet you don't even know it! 

Shakespeare is all around us. Have you ever heard (or said) these phrases:

  • Love is blind.

  • Break the ice

  • Dead as a doornail

  • Full circle

  • Heart of gold

Sound familiar? Need more evidence? Watch this short video...

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Yes, you can understand Shakespeare!

Built on a classical education model, and geared to all styles of learning, our guidebook, Why Shakespeare? Indeed!, brings you a step-by-step curriculum for a personal understanding and knowledge of Shakespeare.

The “gift of  Shakespeare” lies in his deep insight into the forces of human nature and his masterful use of language. Studying the words of Shakespeare opens your mind to understanding the nature of man. Sharing the words of Shakespeare enables you to give the gift of his genius. The secrets are here for you... all you need do is open the book with a hungry mind! 

Our step-by-step Enrichment Study provides:

  • the Secrets to understanding Shakespeare's plays and poems

  • games and activities that make the learning experience easy, approachable and fun

  • an adaptable Plan of Study that will accommodate various learning styles (visual, auditory, etc.)

  • provides access to a custom selection of online links, videos and games

  • ideas for incorporating Shakespeare into your study of other subjects, such as geography, history, science and many others

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