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Proposed Troupe Address
Please enter at least the CITY, STATE and COUNTRY for your application to be considered. Meeting address can be provided later if not known at this time, but must be provided prior to application approval.
Shakespeare Troupe Leader Agreement *
I (or my designee) agree to operate a Shakespeare Troupe according to the terms and philosophy specified in the Shakespeare Troupe Start-up Guide, including but not limited to the following elements: - I commit to operating a troupe comprised of three or more families. - I commit to implementing a registered Shakespeare Troupe outline as described in the Shakespeare Troupe Start-up Guide. - I commit to fostering an open and caring environment to the best of my ability. - I understand that our group will include the words “Shakespeare Troupe” in the group name or subtitle. - I understand that as a Shakespeare Troupe, we will be entitled to all benefits, services, and resources provided to all Shakespeare Troupes as specified in the Shakespeare Troupe Start-up Guide. I agree not to share or distribute these benefits, services, and resources outside of my official Shakespeare Troupe roster, and to ensure that the members agree to the same. - I agree to notify 14 Rooms if the group no longer can or wishes to continue. At which time, our group will relinquish the group name and will no longer use the resources offered solely to Shakespeare Troupes. - Each Shakespeare Troupe leader will only request and/ or accept funds for expenses to cover the cost of meetings or voluntary events, as applicable. At no time, should the work or resources given to the Shakespeare Troupe be used to raise funds or generate business for the Shakespeare Troupe or its members.

Shakespeare Troupe Start-Up Guide

The Shakespeare Troupe Start-up Guide will give you guidance as to the benefits, services and resources provided to all Shakespeare Troupe Leaders. It is intended as a resource to help you make your Troupe successful, fun, inspiring and educational.