Chapter 3 Resources

Shakespeare's Language

History of the English language:;;

More “keys” to Shakespeare’s Language: this will be an ongoing list as I expand the book and introduce supplemental “keys.”

The history of the English language is generally divided into three periods; the Old English (or Anglo-Saxon), Middle English, and Modern English.

This first video presents the outstanding differences in those phases of development of the language.

The Art of the Quote

This area will contain picture examples (from me and shared from others in the Shakeshop community) of artwork made from Shakespearian quotes. Email us a jpeg of your art!

Links to craft ideas for quotes:;



Where did English come from? – TED lessons animated documentary of the origin and changing nature of the English language. (4 m, 53 sec)

Shakespeare – Original Pronunciation – This short documentary refers to a production of Romeo and Juliet done in what is thought to be very close to how Shakespeare’s plays would have sounded. (10 m, 21 sec)