“Why Shakespeare? Indeed!"

Described as an Enrichment Study for the Hungry Mind, this curriculum is suitable for age 10 to adult learners. Experience learning about Shakespeare's world and be guided to an understanding of the gift that is his life's work... and its influence in your own world today.

Publication date:
early 2018

“Why Shakespeare? Indeed!"
Lapbook Kits

These Lapbook Kits are designed to enhance learning with the Enrichment Study book, but they stand alone as interesting, artistic and fun creative projects.

Projects are in development and
will be announced soon!

Resources for “Why Shakespeare?” Indeed!

Throughout the Book you will be guided to online and offline sources for further information specific to the subject being covered in each chapter... films, essays, videos, poetry, art, stories, crafts, theatre. Some resources have active links in the pdf version of the Book, and are also referenced within the information presented in the book.

Upon publication of the book, all of the referenced materials and links are also available here on this website. Upon your purchase of "Why Shakespeare? Indeed!" this password-enabled portal will be made available to you. It will become a valuable additional resource to you for your enrichment experience.

Expected availability: early 2017.