Why Shakespeare for Kids? Indeed!

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Why Shakespeare for Kids? Indeed!

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The introduction of William Shakespeare while a student is young is a great way to encourage deeper study later in his or her schooling. It sets a foundation that goes beyond good literature. By the time they are old enough to delve deeply into his plays, they already have an underlying basis from which to begin. Shakespeare’s plays and poems are truly for everyone! 

This guide shares ideas and techniques to engage students five to twelve years old in beginning the study of Shakespeare. You will be amazed at what your student will understand. You will be surprised by the insights your student has into the heart of mankind.

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“The fact is, Shakespeare was not sectarian; he pleaded nobody’s mission, he stated nobody’s cause. He has written with a view to be a mirror of things as they are; and shows the office of the true poet and literary man, which is to recreate the soul of man as God created it, and human society as man has made it.” 
– George Dawson
  19th-Century English preacher & lecturer

“Teaching the poems and plays of Shakespeare opens the reader to the expanse and depth of the human soul, because the characters in the plays represent a cross-section of human life and aspiration. And Shakespeare does it better than any other writer in the history of literature.”  
- Sam Blumenfeld, author & educator