Curiosity and education

“It is a miracle that curiosity survives formal education” A. Einstein

So true! It seems that “formal” education inhibits the natural growth of curiosity. Isn’t it our nature to be curious about the world…the universe…each other…ourselves? It seems that education should follow this natural bent while exposing us to ideas and conclusions derived from those that have gone before us. Perhaps that is why, at this point, I am an advocate of classical education. The best ideas of the past combining with modern, curious minds. This has always been the way of man, has it not? Looking back, learning and moving the baton down the lane a bit more.  

NOW TRY THIS: Go online and type in the search engine “Best ideas of all time”. You will be surprised what you find! From modern ideas about using coat hangers to the best philosophical ideas from Ancient Greece…Foster that curiosity!